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Retirement Plan Consulting Services

Client Centered

Defined Contribution (DC) retirement programs have a huge impact on your financial results and have taken a prominent role in organization's’ total rewards strategies.  With market volatility, asset value uncertainty, and a workforce that is both evolving and developing a new set of expectations, it’s important to ensure that your overall retirement program meets the needs of your organization and your employees both today and into the future. 

All Plan Sponsors want an overall retirement program that is in line with their business objectives and to ensure that their employees are ready for retirement. RPM Advisors helps design a plan around the business’ objectives by increasing the focus on measuring and reporting participants’ retirement readiness.

Fiduciary Consulting Services

  • Investment Policy Statement Preparation: Develop an investment policy statement for client to adopt. The investment policy statement establishes the investment policies and objectives for the plan.
  • Non-Discretionary Investment Advice: Provide general, non-discretionary investment advice regarding assets classes and investment options, consistent with the Plan's investment policy statement.
  • Investment Selection Services. Advisor will provide Client with recommendations of investment options consistent with ERISA section 404(c).
  • Investment Due Diligence Review: Provide client with periodic due diligence reviews of the Plan's reports, investment options and recommendations.
  • Investment Monitoring: Assist in monitoring investment options by preparing periodic investment reports that document investment performance, consistency of fund management and conformation to the guidelines set forth in the investment policy statement and make recommendations to maintain or remove and replace investment options.
  • Default Investment Alternative Advice: Provide non-discretionary investment advice to assist Client with the development of qualified default investment alternative(s) (“QDIA”), as defined in DOL Reg. Section 2550.404c-5(e)(4)(i), for participants who are automatically enrolled in the Plan or who otherwise fail to make an investment election.

Non-Fiduciary Services

  • Manage RFP Process: Prepare and evaluating proposals by third-party service providers. This will include defining Client’s objectives and requirements related to the third-party service provider, developing a timeline, preparing a request for proposal document (“RFP”), identifying and distributing the RFP to prospective third-party service providers; administering the screening and evaluation process, presenting finding and recommendations to Client, and negotiating fees and scope of services on behalf of Client.

    Our unique proprietary process offers a quantitative and qualitative scoring matrix allowing Clients to easily view provider comparisons and make decisions that fit their priorities.
  • Qualified Plan Development. Advisor will assist Client with the establishment of a qualified plan by working with Client and a selected Third Party Administrator.
  • Due Diligence Review: Provide Client with periodic due diligence reviews of the Plan’s fees and expenses and the Plan’s service providers.
  • Benchmarking: Periodically provide Client with benchmarking services and provide analysis concerning the operations of the Plan